What We Make

Our botanically rich, transcendent products start with mindfully grown cannabis; harvested, sown and delivered with care and reverence for the Earth. Our mission is to transport your mind.

Magic Minis

Find your groove and beckon the muse – anytime.

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Magic Mini 1/3-gram joints are expertly packed with stimulating whole flower Chemdog. Available in tins of ten.


Music curated by Mickey Hart to complete your Magic Mini experience.

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One of the most influential strains in history was born when a cannabis breeder by the name of Chemdog was following the Grateful Dead in 1991. He bought some of “the best weed he’d ever smoked” on Shakedown Street outside the Deer Creek Amphitheater in Indiana. Tracking down the growers, his next bag included 13 now legendary seeds. Chemdog is a potent heirloom hybrid with deep cerebral energy. Inspire your mind with the legendary strain that begat other greats such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

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“As a loyal Deadhead, I’m proud to see Chemdog featured in the first product from Mickey Hart. It plays an important role in Grateful Dead history and I think it’s exciting that Mickey is bringing it full circle to fans and cannabis enthusiasts in Mind Your Head.” -Chemdog

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People, plants, planet. We’re all one. Our reverence for the Earth means we’re mindful of the natural quality of our cannabis and the resources needed at every step to grow it and get it to you. We pursue kindness and care in how we operate and promote sustainable, just and forward-looking practices in our industry.

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