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From the moment I heard and played music it was pure magic. I’ve chased that feeling relentlessly over the years. The journey is a search for a higher consciousness, to have the ability to break free from ordinary thinking, to travel to a special place that inspires my music, my art, my life.

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EEG of Mickey’s brain on music

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Mickey circa 1984

Throughout my life and music career, cannabis became my ally, a vehicle of choice for musical exploration. The Fillmore, Winterland and the Avalon became my temple caves. Exploring spiritual worlds using psychoactive substances worked the best for inspiring my creativity.

Cannabis makes the curious more curious, creating virtual worlds filled with new dimensions. In the zone you suspend time. Aches and pains are lifted as you become more aware, being here and now. The subconscious rises to the conscious, then materializes in creative ideas, sometimes brilliant or funny or important.

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Mind Your Head: Your Guide to Cannabis-Enhanced Consciousness

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Cannabis helps me find my groove in music and in life and allows access to the many dimensions that assist in the creational moment. Our products inspire me with an openness to experience that can be a vehicle, a tool for discovery of my personal flow.

Mind Your Head…

I hope you’ll share the adventure with us.

Enjoy, Mickey

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Best known as a drummer for the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart is a multi-Grammy winning artist, painter and best-selling author. Keep up with Mickey at

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Dedicated to all those who will pass through the doors, through the cracks between the worlds… and desire health, happiness and love of life.


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